LIGHT RESTORATION | $45.95 : This category includes light damage limited to non-detail areas, and removal of minimal spots or stains in a small section of the photograph.

MEDIUM RESTORATION | $69.95 : Removal of spots and scratches affecting but not obliterating subject will be repaired. Also includes minimal stains throughout the entire photo.

MEDIUM HEAVY RESTORATION | $74.95 : Restorations falling between the medium and heavy categories include repair of all photo damage and enhancement of colors. Tears in photo affecting but not through important facial features will be repaired.

HEAVY RESTORATION | $99.95 : Heavily stained, spotted, or scratched photos. Repair extensive damage to entire photograph, including detailed areas such as faces. This category also includes any photo with intricate or multiple patterns.

GROUP HEAVY | $149.95Extensive damage to detailed areas of photograph including 2 or more people. Heavily stained, creased, marked or taped photos fall into this category.

CHANGE BACKGROUND | $59.95Some photos are almost perfect, but ruined by distractions or clutter in the image. Just choose a background and we will replace the background of your photograph!

ADD / REMOVE PERSON | $69.95Combine images to make one family photo, or remove unwanted guests from a group picture. Remove photo bombers or strangers in the background!

Colorizathion | $79.95We can revitalize black and white or discolored photographs. Bring your photo to us for an expert consultation. Some photos are subject to restoration or retouch work prior to coloring.

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